Hello friends!
Welcome to my Blog. Since October 2019, this blog has been the place for me to share the edible infotmations fromm y playtime in the kitchen, my deep love for whole foods and my yoga experience.
The recipes and ideas you will find here revolve around my balanced way of eating, and I hope that through the simple and delicious dishes  I create, you will discover a whole new world of flavour and nourishment.

Why did your start this blog?

I started this blog because I wanted to share the incredible knowledge I had recived through my education in dietican. I discoverd so many things I belived needed to be public information, not just for those who can go to school to study in this field. I wanted to set up a non-baised space for people to come and learn about how to take better care of themselves through diet and lifestyle, as I have seen immense changes in myself since making little, positive changes every day.

What is your education?

I am a registered Dietican and 200h RYT (registered Yoga Teacher).

What is your food philosophy?

A lot of people want to know „what I am“ – vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, fruitarian, macrobiotic… guess what?
I am a person who eats!

My food philosophy is this: I don´t like labels. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn´t fit that definition. I know I never want to have to label what „kind“ of diet I subscribe to. Being dogmatic about anything, for me, just doesn´t work. Being flexible does.

I eat almost entirely organic food. My „diet“ consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. I probably eat an organic egg from my aunt or my neighbours once every couple weeks if the mood strikes me, and sometimes I will enjoy some goat or sheep cheese.
If I eat meat or fish, it’s only organic quality and the meat is also from my aunt so I know they had a good life. (If I know where it came from, who caught it, and that it was killed humanely, I´m game. Why not? There is nothing like a fish straight out oft he ocean!)

The only label I´ll slap on myself is „whole-food-lover“. Nothing makes me feel better, and look better than whole foods! I can spend hours in the organic food store, rummage through the shelves and try out new things.

Aaand of course I never count calories or worry about my weight because I know that if I eat this way, my body will be in a perfect state of balance and health, naturally.

What awaits you at Soulfood by Sarah?

I will share my yummiest and best recipes with you! I’ll also show you everything about a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy nutrition is easy and tastes so GOOD! Be excited and inspired!


Love Sarah