Hey! Welcome to Soulfood by Sarah. I’m Sarah, author, photographer and recipe developer here by Soulfood by Sarah.



I loved it as a child to watch my mum when she’s cooking. And I think I have the talent to cook and bake from her and I’m very grateful for that!

The idea to build a foodblog came when I start a apprenticeship as a dietican and I wanted to share my knowlege with you, guys. Toguht, done.

But let’s start from scratch:
When I was 16 years old I started to get interested in nutrition. I start sprot and found out more about nutrition.
After the secondary school I started a apprenticeship as a medical assistent in the field gastroenterology (all about gastrointestinal tract).

At the beginning of the apprenticeship I was totally unhappy with what I’m doing. But after the 3 years I was very happy that I did it. Otherwise I would probably not be where I am today. In life everything happens for a reason! During my training I’ve learned a lot about diseases and nutrition and I’m convinced that you can heal many many diseases with the right “good” nutrition.

When my training came to an end, I had to think about how to proceed. One thing was clear to me: I want to do something with nutrition! My first plan was to study nutritional sciences but here in Germany you can do it as a apprenticeship it’s more practical and that’s my thing. So since Semptember 2018 I’m here in Munich and do my training as a dietican. And I LOVE it! A very interesting and versatile job.

What awaits you at Soulfood by Sarah?

I will share my yummiest and best recipes with you! I’ll also show you everything about a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy nutrition is easy and tastes so GOOD! Be excited and inspired!

Love Sarah